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    186 2630 8316


    Power series
    POWER Professional power product manufacturer
    Equipment series
    EQUIPMENT Professionally provide cutting machines and other equipment
    COMPANY An entity enterprise focusing on R&D and production of welding and cutting equipment

    Wuxi Musk Welding and Cutting Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018. The company's purpose is to specialize in welding and cutting equipment for modern heavy industry. In the early stage, the company launched heavy industry plasma cutting power supply series, fine plasma power supply series, plasma melting power supply series, submerged arc welding machine power supply series, accessories, equipment and other products.

    The predecessor of Wuxi Musk Welding and Cutting Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. It is an entity enterprise mainly producing welding and cutting equipment. The company has an annual output of 20,000 sets of various welding and cutting equipment and automation equipment...

    Detail +
    NEWS Focus on news and gather industry trends
    HOTSafety precautions for plasma cutting power cutting gun
    1. Before starting, you should read the manual carefully to understand the performance and structure of the machine. Those who don't understand can't use it. ...

    Contact: Mr. Zhang 186 2630 8316

    Phone: 0510-83489568

    Fax: 0510-83489568

    Web: www.kobaioh.com

    E-mail: zhang2008haitao@outlook.com

    Add: No. 203-13, Chengnan Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City

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